Automatic Wiring Test Equipment



Automatic wiring test equipment (AWTE) or Automatic wiring test system (AWTS) or Automatic wiring test (AWT) and so on is a system to measure/test milli-ohm (short circuit test) and Mega-ohm (dielectric test) of internal or external wiring of planes, vehicles, trains, helicopters or any other unit under tests (UUT) automatically.

AWTE contains one or more test boxes and a PC/laptop. Each test box witch is a standard 19″ sub-rack, contains 18 relay card and one Megger card and can connect to 300 (exactly 288) test points (TP). Test boxes can simply connect to each other via CAN bus. So, a 1800TP tester contains 6 AWTE test box (sub-rack). Laptop/PC connects using an interface (CAN/RS232 or CAN/USB) to the CAN bus and AWTE test boxes.

AWTE, Automatic Wiring Test Equipment


AWTE Subrack Front view

an AWTE test box (sub-rack)

AWTE Subrack Back view

an AWTE test box (sub-rack) back view

AWTS_Automatic Wiring Test System

a 500TP AWTE


AWTE software

Specifications: (each AWTE Test box)

  • Input supply: 100~240VAC or 12~32VDC (optional)
  • Test points (TP): 2*144 = 288TP
  • milli-ohm test range: 0~5000mΩ
  • milli-ohm test resolution: 1mΩ
  • milli-ohm test accuracy: 1%
  • Mega-ohm test range: 0~1000MΩ
  • Mega-ohm test resolution: 1MΩ
  • Mega-ohm test accuracy: 5%
  • Megger voltage: 500V, 1000V
  • Box Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: ~18kg
  • Dimension: standard 19″ sub-rack, 4U or 6U (optional), 350mm or 500mm depth (optional)