GSM Control



GSMC is a module that used to read data from a digital power-meter or WHM (Watt Hour Metter) as an AMR (Automatic Meter Reader) and send it via GSM network to a server which can be placed in dispatching center.



  • Input supply: 10~32VDC or 100~240VAC (optional)
  • WHM types: ELSTER, Landis, ION, ACM, …
  • Data reading media: RS232/RS485/CLO (optional)
  • WHM nodes: up to 127WHM on a bus
  • Reading parameters: Active and Passive power and energy, maximum demand violation, power factors, WHM Date, WHM Time, … (configurable)
  • Digital input: 0~4ch (optional)
  • Digital output: 0~4ch isolated (optional)
  • Analog input: 0~6ch (optional)
  • Sending period: 0 (disable timer) ~ 1440minutes (one day), remote (via SMS) configurable
  • Software: Windows XP, 7, 8 (Server and Client version)
  • Database: SQL server



  • Power leakage control
  • Power Management/Monitoring
  • Fault/Violation Alarm and detection in power lines